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Tek Diving Holidays

Tek diving (technical diving to those in the know) is one of the most exciting and fastest changing diving disciplines. Ever wanted to go past conventional recreational limits? Find yourself thinking 1 tank just is not enough? Or eying up a drop off? Then take a closer look at the tek training and tek diving expeditions Scuba Travel can organise all over the globe.

Learn new skills and get more out of your diving
Our Tek experts will show you how to get the most out of Tek diving
Learn Tek diving and get more out of your diving

Tek diving is becoming more and more popular. With ever more powerful computers, calculating software and even kit developments (rebreathers are improving apace), more and more divers are thinking about their next big diving thrill - and going deeper for longer to find it. The jargon can be baffling (what does normoxic trimix mean anyway?) but Scuba Travel's tek gurus are to hand to guide you through one of diving's most exciting adventures that will literally change the way you dive.

Why dive tek?

Tek divers are all about getting more out of their dive sites. By carrying extra gas, making decompression dives and with some meticulous planning, tek divers are exploring well past the 40m range into a world that few divers have ever seen. Deep wrecks are often the focus but tek diving is just as much at home on a plunging drop off. Tek divers have been critical to discovering new marine species as well as finding long lost ships.

There is also the thrill of the challenge. Tek diving requires a fastidious attention to detail. Whilst the safety record is impressive, the deeper you go the more risks you encounter. Tek training is demanding, even for a seasoned diver, and to sharpen up your dive skills is immensely rewarding.

Part of a group of tek divers? Let Scuba Travel take the headache out of your next tek adventure with help selecting the ideal holiday destination and guiding you through getting all the gear you need. Want to freshen up your skills or take your diving to the next level? Why not join one of our escorted tek holidays and enjoy your trip with like minded divers, expert guidance and an itinerary.

World's Best Tek Diving Expeditions

  • Red Sea
    The Red Sea is remarkable for its incredible drop offs and retains much of its surface temperatures even at depth. Add to this the brilliant viz and you have an awesome destination for both tek training and travel. Both Egypt and Sudan are geared up for open circuit and rebreather divers, with liveaboards in Egypt or Sudan that will make entires and exits a breeze. Many Egyptian resorts can cater for open and closed circuit divers too, with DSAT and TDI training on offer the length and breadth of the Red Sea.
  • Truk Lagoon
    Truk Lagoon is one of the most famous tek destinations - here a plethora of wrecks descend well past 40m and the opportunities for advanced wreck penetrations makes tek diving the best way to explore everything on offer. If you are looking for a exped with serious kudos then this is the place for you. Spend literally hours beneath the flat seas in complete comfort with year round warm water.
  • Newfoundland, Canada
    The diving around Newfoundland lends itself well to tek diving and the dive team Ocean Quest are the diving experts in the region. The Bell Island wrecks are right on the limits of recreational limits but their pristine condition makes them ideal for extended bottom times. There is just so much to see from anchors, blast zones and relics! The resort can cater for open and closed circuit divers.
  • Malta
    Malta is a must see tek diving destinations with an unbeatable mix of deep wrecks, cave systems and inspiring topography. Go up to Gozo to dive the astounding Blue Hole. With DSAT training on site, Malta is a great place to get a your first taste of tek diving or move your training on. It is also a brilliant location to log serious bottom time between courses with expert guidance every fin kick into the deep.
  • Indonesia
    Indonesia might seem like a strange place to be on a tekkies wish list but remember, this is one of the most bio diverse regions on the planet. If you love the idea of being the first person to dive along a mind bending drop off - and maybe even find a species completely new to science - then this is the place to go! Wakatobi Resort will not only spoil you rotten on the surface (who says tek diving has to be hard work) but their tek team are still discovering much that the surrounding drop offs, gullies and cave systems are hiding.

Deeper into Wrecks

Red Sea Tek Week

Take time out and delve deeper beneath the waves. Armed with trimix, scooters and all the toys you need, this is a one of kind itinerary. read more here

Wrecks & Reefs Tek Special

Red Sea Tek Week

The Wrecks & Reefs itinerary is one of the all time great itineraries in the Egyptian Red Sea but now it takes on a tek twist with Scuba Travel's unique Tek Special. Do you want extended bottom times at some of the Red Sea's most iconic dive sites? Want the freedom to dive down to 60m? Then jump aboard for your next tek expeditionread more here

Red Sea Tek Week

Red Sea Tek Week

Techincal diving and wreck diving often go hand in hand and fit so perfectly that Scuba Travel have created a special liveaboard itinerary - Red Sea Tek Wreck. Indulge your love of the deep and a passion for the wrecks under the...read more here

Truk Lagoon Expediiton

Truk Lagood Expedition

Truk Lagoon is a magical place but hard to pinpoint on a map. Hidden away in the Pacific Truk was catapulted into dive legend by Jacques Cousteau, who was the first to show the world the incredible wreck diving that could be found...read more here

Newfoundland Wreck-reation

Newfoundland Wreck-reaction

Newfoundland is literally littered with wrecks. All along the coastline there are ships that met their watery ends in these difficult waters - bad news for the boats but great news for divers! The Wreck-reation tour focuses on the famous Bell Island shipwrecks and gets to grips with the fleet that was sunk here during the Second World War. read more here

Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson

Matthew Robinson one of a very small handful of individuals who have dedicated their lives to develop a passion for diving into a lifelong career, culminating in becoming an international Training Director for the US rebreather manufacturer, Hollis.read more here

Mark Powell

Mark Powell

Mark Powell is one of the UKs best known technical diving instructors. He has been involved in diving since the mid 1980s and has been teaching since 1993. Mark is a very active instructor and can teach all levels upto Advanced Trimix.read more here

Shem Tarko

Shem Tarko

Shem is Scuba Travels resident Tek expert. Passionate about Tek diving and spending as much time in wrecks as possible. Shem is the best guy to speak to if you are interested in any of our Tek holidays. Shem has been diving for 12 years and is currently a qualified rebreather diver, he is looking to extend his skills to fully technical closed curcuit diving on a Scuba Travel holiday this year. His next Tek trip is an exploritory one out to dive the Hermes in Sri Lanka. He will also be attending Tek Camp this summer. You can email him direct at shem@scubatravel.com

The following liveaboards will not only give you the highest standards on board, they also have the know how and facilities to take all the strain out of tek diving. Space to kit up, provision of tanks, stages, scrubber, haskel pumps and gas mixing - these are just some of the extra facilities we demand for a liveaboard to be considered tek friendly. Many liveabaords are also able to teach a range of tek courses including DSAT, TDI & IANTD as well as several rebreather courses


Tala Tek

MV Tala specialises in tek-wreck diving in the Red Sea. Led by an experienced crew, Scuba Travel have team up with Tala to offer a unique itinerary, mixing up Egypt's historic wrecks and dramatic off shore reef dives. This will appeal to more experienced divers looking for something different in the Red Sea. Ask for details read more here


Newfoundland Wreck-reaction

Whirlwind takes pride of place at the front of the award winning Tornado Marine Liveaboard Fleet and stands out from the crowd on any reef, hitting all the key spots in the Northern Red Searead more here



As far as liveaboards go, Hurricane has long been the standard by which every other boat is judged. She has won the prestigious "Liveaboard of the Year" award no less than 3 times between 2004-2006.read more here



Mistral is the very latest liveaboard dive boat in a long line of award winning vessels from Tornado Marine Fleet. Launched in January 2011, her innovative features illustrate the Fleets continuing commitment to provide the very best for our divers. read more here

Emperor Elite Tekstreme


now with a selection of dedicated Tek itineraries, this is the boat to be on in the Red Sea if you want to explore the deeper side of diving. No matter if you are new to tek diving or a hardy trimix diver, with Emperor Elite there is a liveaboard holiday waiting for you. read more here

Royal Evolution

royal evolution

Royal Evolution is sleek and unusual vessel that operates a real one of a kind itinerary. If you have ever wanted to just carry on sailing South, then this is the right boat for y read more here



The Pelagian takes the same high standards, so characteristic of the Wakatobi Dive Resort, and lets you enjoy them on sites even more remote than can be reached from shore. Never crowded, this boat places the entire Wakatobi Marine Park at your fin tips and will get you to some of the best dive sites in the world read more here



Argo is the latest offering from the expert Undersea Hunter fleet and a spectacular addition to the stunning shores of Cocos. Packed with all the latest mod cons the Argo is a one of a kind vessel to explore a completely unique region and lives up to the high standards set by the fleet - from safety to comfort, no detail has been overlooked.. read more here


Undersea Hunter

Undersea Hunter has a long and illustrious pedigree. Previous incarnations saw her work as a submarine support vessel, research vessel and a support boat for James Bond films! Completely renovated and revamped by the Undersea Hunter fleet to meet the needs of today's discerning diver, now she cruises out to the remote and thrilling Cocos Islan read more here

Ocean Hunter 3


Ocean Hunter 3 was born out of 25 years experience running liveaboards and will meet the needs of even the most discerning diver. No one knows Palau and her many waterways quite like the Ocean Hunter team. From the dive decks of this phenomenal liveaboard you can go further than ever and explore pristine reefs and wrecks for hours on end. What more could any diver want! read more here

Cobalt Coast Resort and Divetech

Cobalt Coast Resort Caymans

Divetech are a supremely professional dive team with instructors from all over the globe. Spanning several languages and training agencies, your training opportunities are virtually limitless. Technical training in TDI/ANTD and technical dives are available read more here

Wakatobi Dive Resort

Newfoundland Wreck-reaction

Tek divers are welcome at the Wakatobi Dive Resort. The beach is white sand and the view the uninterrupted horizon of the Banda Sea. Hidden away at the water's edge, the Resort is exclusive and embraces the notion of eco tourism. read more here

Malta Dive Resorts

Malta Tek

Tek divers are welcome in Malta.Malta has a distinctive Mediterranean identity, making it a wonderful choice for your next resort diving holiday. In fact, Malta is the ultimate wreck diving destination in Europe!read more here

Newfoundland Dive Resort

Malta Tek

Tek divers are welcome in Newfoundland. Canada might seem an unusual choice for a scuba diving holiday, but this wild wonderland hides away one of undisputed best wreck diving destinations, as well as the friendliest dive resort in North America. Embark on a diving holiday to Newfoundland for unique World War 2 wreck diving and massive marine life to boot.read more here

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